Actor / voiceover / producer

Alfred Thompson



Good Girls Officer Thompson NBC Network
RATCHED Albert Allison / Guest Star Netflix
Black Monday Sam SHOWTIME Network
Silicon Valley Pied Piper HBO Networks
The Cool Kids Guest Star / Clancy FOX Networks
Modern Family Customs Agent Smith ABC Networks
Marry Me Edgar NBC Network
How I Met Your Mother Supporting/Boss CBS Networks
Gang Related Guest-Star / Shiny FOX Networks
Sons Of Anarchy Recurring / Tyson FX Networks
JUSTIFIED Jennings FX Network
HEADLINES Supporting/Cab Driver TNT Networks
Jimmy Kimmel Live Construction Worker ABC Networks
MTV Movie Awards Best Movie Category MTV Network
Incredible Crew Umpire Cartoon Network
Stupid Hype Boss Man CW Network
Raising Hope Corrections Officer FOX Network
The Office Boris-Company Owner NBC Network
iCarly Mental Patient NICKALODEON
Worst Case Scenerio Supporting / Patron Discovery Channel


Joker: Folie à Deux Actor Warner Bros / DC Universe
The Spirit Guide Angel Messenger Louis Heilbronn Productions
Tell Her Supporting/Policeman Bad Decisions Productions
DESERTED Supporting/Officer Smith Winterstone Pictures
Chocolate is not better than sex Supporting / Mr.Lenoard CINBTS Productions
CLUB DEAD Guest-Star/Bouncer Drean Factory Entertainment
ABSTRACTION Supporting/Marlon P.I.B. Productions
Hemingway & Gellhorn Skinner HBO Films
The Haunting of Whaley House Supporting/Bobo The ASYLUM
Decisions Oakland Nate TKR1 Pictures
Alvin & The Chipmunks Supporting Actor / Security Universal Pictures
Winner Takes All Silas BET Networkks
Next Black Spring Break Supporting / Officer Matthew Pop Art Film Factory
Depp In the Game Supporting/Big Rob Southbay Films
Twisted Supporting / Detective Rogers UpRise Entertainment
Wave Parameters Co-Star / Landlord Jones PIB Pictures


Shuffle BoostMobile Radio Campaign Placid Studios
Gorilla Forest Radio Campaign Headfirst Media
Covington Chyrsler Radio Campaign Radio Joes


The Best of GOD Voice of GOD Mcarlly Theatre
A man and his dream Voice of GOD CCDC Corporation


Bahamavention Bahamavention Traveler Bahama Tourist
Toyota Team Business Owner Toyota Corporation
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