Actor / voiceover / producer


  • Alfred Rubin Thompson is a triple threat specializing in Acting, Voice-Over and producing. With his trade mark deep baritone voice and tall stature, A.R.T. grabs his fan's attention on and off the screen. Recently, A.R.T. gives a great performance in a Warner Bros Pictures film JOKER: Folie a Deux releasing in 2024. A.R.T. gives a great performance in NBC Network new show Good Girls. A.R.T. plays Albert Alton in the new Netflix series "RATCHED" directed by Ryan Murphy.  A.R.T. has also performed with Don Cheadle on the new hit dramedy Black Monday on SHOWTIME. A.R.T. gives a comedy performance on HBO hit comedy Silicon Valley.  A.R.T. has also given a dynamic performance with Vicki Lawrence, David Allen Grier and Martin Mull on FOX Network hit comedy "The Cool Kids" also ABC Network Emmy Award winning comedy "Modern Family" starring Ed O'Neil. A.R.T. has appeared in recurring roles on FX Network crime drama "Sons Of Anarchy" as Tyson and hit drama show "JUSTIFIED" as Jennings. Alfred Rubin Thompson appeared on CBS Network comedy "How I Meet Your Mother" with Neil Patrick Harris which has exalted A.R.T. into comedy genius. A.R.T. supporting role in HBO Film "Hemingway and Gellhorn" starring Hollywood heavyweights Clive Owen, Nicole Kidman, Robert DuVall, Parker Posey and Tony Shalloub receiving 16 Emmy nominations. A.R.T. supporting roles has deemed him versatile in drama with such feature films "The Haunted Whaley House" and "ABSTRACTION" which can been seen on HULU. On the small screen, A.R.T. co-starred on the critically acclaimed comedy The OFFICE, with funny man Will Ferrell. Next on the horizon,  A.R.T. newest feature film where he is an actor/executive producer in the film "UNDEAD PORTLAND".

A native from Hollis Queens, NY, Alfred has already hit the scene running with the best of the best in Hollywood. In addition to his film credits, you can also see an array of commercial work to his resume including the recent Sprite Ginger commercial spot. You'll see this commercial in all media outlets. FOX NFL spot; as well as national commercials with AMSTERDAM VODKA, GAIN, MasterCard and more. As a voice-over artist he was recently featured in the Covington Chrysler VO commercial, Louisville Zoo and Illinois Lottery just to name a few.

With his extensive background in entertainment, Alfred Rubin Thompson has now expanded his talents into entrepreneurship. Seeking out even more challenging endeavors, this entertainment mogul is the CEO and owner of A.R.T. International, which encompasses film production, and Global Investment Company that will launch several projects in film, television and creating content. A.R.T. is the definition of multi-talented, working in all aspects of entertainment with feature films, commercials, producer and voice-over.