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                      Welcome to the world of A.R.T.!!!


Actor, Voice-Over, Producer

Alfred Rubin Thompson is a triple threat, speacializing in acting, voice-over and producer. His trademark deep baritone voice and tall stature grabs his fan's attention both on and off the screen.





A.R.T. method in media has lead him to be one of tomorrow's sought after actor's in film, television and voice-over's. His strategic diversity in acting allows himself to mainifest into different dramatic and comedy characters.



                                                     Interview with Alfred Rubin Thompson







A.R.T. creates product awareness in unforgetable performances within different commercials that relate to it's audience. Here are some commercials to name a few.







A.R.T. has developed a soothing sound that gives each voiceover it's own character. A.R.T. creates voice's in all areas's of advertising and merchandising in product placement. "Press the Booth" and take a listen!


                                    A.R.T. in the booth




 The ICON is making it happen with his distinctive bass sound that carries a track to it's highest commercial potential. An artist and MC in his own right has been able to parlay commercial appeal via performances.


                                   The ICON new hit single

                      "MUNEY" and bonus track "TOUCH1NE"

               from his upcoming album "HOLLISMALISHIA"



  latest credit


 In Produc.. CODE 8 (2017)
Post Prod..  
DESERTED / Winterstone Pictures
Airing Now:  Modern Family / ABC Networks (2015)
  Amsterdam Vodka / National Commercial (2016)
  Marry Me / NBC Networks (2015)
  GANG RELATED / FOX Network (2014)
  How I Met Your Mother / CBS Network (2014)
  CLUB DEAD / Dream Factory (2014)
  Sons Of Anarchy / FX Network (2013)
  ABSTRACTION / PIB Productions (2013)
  Incredible Crew / Cartoon Network (2013)
  Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC Network(2013)
  The ASYLUM / The Haunting of Whaley House
  JUSTIFIED / FX Network (2012)
  Raising Hope / FOX Network (2011)
  The Office / NBC Network (2011)
  Hemingway and Gellhorn / HBO Network (2011)
  Al vin & The Chipmunks / SONY Pictures (2008)
  TRUE DETECTIVE / HBO Networks (2015)



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